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personal practice sessions


Melissa offers one-to-one personal practice Yoga sessions, Giving you a way of working directly with the kind of practice you personally need. Melissa is intuitive, knowledgable and compassionate, she is able to give you a highly tuned experience that brings you towards a personal sense of fulfilment,  clarity & mastery. 

Sessions with Melissa include;

Yoga asana (movements & postures)

Pranayama (breathwork techniques)

meditation & creative visualisation techniques

dream yoga

kundalini Yoga techniques

endochrine alchemy 

nervous system/ vegas nerve reset

online sessions for 1 person:

60 mins £40

90 mins  £60

in person sessions

(lewes/ west Sussex area UK) 

1 person 60 mins £6

1 person 90 mins £80


*Prices vary if you wish to add more people to the class

to book in,

please message Melissa on whats app;

We can organise the time and the place.

Melissa Shemanna;

+33 6 74 18 90 05

or email via the form ;














Melissa offers a compassionate and comprehensive combination of Yoga asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation to give you a really thorough and supported technique based experience that you can then bring into your life, your health and your well being.

 These techniques are what bring a profound change to the relationship to your own body, mind breath & Spirit.

These sessions can introduce powerful tools for balancing the nervous system in order to bring a better quality of peacefulness, empowerment and harmony into your life.

These sessions will be most integral to your own healing journey and or give you the ability to thrive. From simple deep breathing techniques, we can build upon the needs of the individual and tailor the experience for your preference. You may have questions or issues that would benefit from more attention. It is possible to progress more quickly when a teacher gives you individual advice and adjustments in a Private Yoga Session. There can be many personal reasons a person prefers One to One Yoga and Private Yoga Tuition.

If a client would like more time than advertised above please discuss via email.


Please contact me;

Many Blessings

Melissa Artemis Shemanna


Thanks for getting in touch, I shall get back to you very soon

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