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Labyrinth of Alchemised Honey

The Honeybee Temple Arts Pollinator presents:

Labyrinth Of Alchemised Honey; a solo exhibition of recent paintings & multi dimensional art forms by Australian artist & curator

Melissa Artemis Shemanna.

IMG_2804 2.jpg

Proposal to exhibit at
Crypt Gallery: 2024


I would like to present my extensive body of artworks, which include more than a decades worth of original paintings I have completed in Australia and more recently in the UK and Europe. These works are painted in an old masters technique, with the medium of egg tempera and a layering process of oil glazes on canvas. 

These paintings explore the relationship of dreams to living myths and stories that are imbued in the land and human nature itself, and that are enriched by social interactions of reclaiming the numenous within our own sense of belonging. The works provide a journey into the labyrinth of mystery and mastery for reclaiming and nourishing our own personal and collective living myth.

Each painting is a portal and a universe unto itself, as the image provides a sense of initiation into its mysteries.


Paintings lining the CRYPT walls, Lighting quality would be that each work is lit up in a way that is ambient and reverent, creating a space that invites contemplation as one walks through the crypt as if it may be a labyrinth. The theme of Alchemised Honey refers to the sacred Honeybee and its relevance to the Earth, and to the fruitfulness and sheer survival on this beautiful planet. It also refers to the way that we turn our inner nature into gold as we realise our connection with nature and with all. For the good of the planet we have to think collectively, which is what the humble Bee teaches us.

Celebrating all kinds of Honeybee wisdom from different cultures, this is all woven throughout my paintings. 

Inner Alchemy.jpg
Inner Alchemy.jpg

The exhibition would compose of my full collection of approximately 20 original paintings in a beautifully lit ambient space. Including sculptural elements of sacred geometric origami pieces, hanging poetry written on silk, a digital visual display showing the beauty of natural elemental language of Earth. Ie; tangled roots, landscapes, close up of moss, leaves, sunshine etc.. with an integrated soundscape, plus an installation of a sacred garden of the cycles of life, that would wrap into the space bringing the viewer into the crypt gallery as if they were moving through a dream like space of contemplation for their own life journey.

I would like to invite a musician friend to perform with violin and poetry performance on the opening night. Catering for approximately 30- 50 people. The exhibition would include video/ photo documentation of the process of building it, exhibiting it and then taking it down as part of the overall project to foster one of the essential elements which is proliferating arts and culture as part of my art foundation THE HONEYBEE TEMPLE ARTS POLLINATOR.

IMG_2804 2.jpg


which was founded in 2018 as a non profit arts and culture initiative, that also acts as a fund raiser for natural bee keeping and environmental education, that exists to create original art events and exhibitions world wide.  

The exhibition Mythic Glyphic is proposed for your availability given to me via email of October 21st- 4th Nov in 2024. 

Here I have included some examples of my original paintings that I would like to exhibit. You can also head to my website portfolio to have a look at my body of works past and present, plus examples of all the projects, galleries and exhibitions I have completed to date on my exhibitions and events page.



Inner Alchemy.jpg
IMG_2804 2.jpg

Artist Bio

Based in the UK but hailing from Australia, Melissa Artemis Shemanna Melissa Artemis Shemanna is an Australian artist and curator, inviting viewers into her works to explore living myth and dreamwork. She's a custodian of ancient aboriginal wisdom, working in the totemic lineage of the Honeybee Dreaming. Melissa began oil painting in early childhood, evolving her skills later with mentors from the Ernst Fuchs Visionary/surrealist lineage originating in Vienna. Melissa's art focuses on traditional oils and tempera, employing multiple glazed layers for a refracted colour luminosity, though has foundations with drawing practice, colour theory and silk design and natural pigment dying practice. 

In 2018, Shemanna founded The Honeybee Temple Arts Pollinator (Foundation), which purpose is to curate international galleries, launch pop up exhibitions at arts and culture festivals, and to develop fundraisers through art events. 

Embarking on a transformative art pilgrimage in 2022 to 2024 in Europe and the UK, Melissa has had the opportunity to show her original paintings in various international galleries, including a solo exhibition (Starfire) in London July 2022, project managing /curating an international art gallery at the Medicine Festival 2023, and also a major exhibition at the Hastings Museum in October 2023. Amongst other accomplishments, Melissa has also participated in multiple other exhibitions across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia during the past few decades. Her original paintings reside in private collections worldwide, from Australia to the UK, Europe, the USA, Bali, and Romania.

Examples of my paintings...

IMG_2804 2.jpg
Inner Alchemy.jpg
IMG_4954 2.jpg
IMG_4946 2.jpg
Inner Alchemy.jpg
Trinary Code.JPG
IRIS Spectral Chromatopia lightbox.jpeg
Inner Alchemy.jpg
Cosmic Birthing Mother
Law Women singing up Country
Inner Alchemy.jpg
IMG_4943 2.jpg
Inner Alchemy.jpg
200dpiMelissa Shemanna_Hyperdimensional Honeybees.jpg
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