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Please donate to support!
The Honeybee Temple
Arts Foundation


Arts Fundraisers

We kindly request your support by making a donation to

The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation.

Even a small amount helps greatly and show support!

Your contribution is essential to our mission as a non-profit organisation that relies solely on private philanthropy and donations to fund our numerous arts projects.

All donations received go directly into financing the basic operations of the Foundation, as well as remunerating for goods and services provided,

Creating new and innovative arts projects such as;

community art galleries and events,

community yoga/art workshops,

community rituals and ceremonies,

honeybee activism, and awareness initiatives.

As a private sector organisation, The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation

receives donations as private, non-commercial gifts exchanged based on merit.


Your donation is highly appreciated,

and it will make a significant difference in our ability to deliver exceptional arts projects.

We encourage you to visit our Projects page to discover some of the innovative ways that The Honeybee Temple is cultivating nectar and pollinating arts culture.

Moreover, if you wish to ensure that your funds go directly to a specific project, please do not hesitate to speak to us in person.

As the Founder and Visionary of The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation,

Melissa Shemanna is currently on a European/UK art sabbatical to learn,

make connections, network, and map out new projects.

Thank you for your generosity, and we look forward to creating exceptional arts projects that will leave a lasting legacy.


Melissa Artemis Shemanna

Founder and Visionary of The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation


Please Email Melissa :


To make a donation to The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation

please click on the PayPal link below;


Rewilding Art Rituals

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