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with Melissa Artemis Shemanna


Melissa Artemis Shemanna 

Melissa has a way of bringing students into the stillness within, like an envelope of calm in the room where one can relate to their innermost peaceful nature. A very nurturing and friendly presence, Melissa leads with compassion in her way of teaching that encourages all who grace the space, to delve into their own inner wisdom and deeper compassion, and most importantly, to feel at ease in order to open up and explore a range of Yogic practice and philosophy that benefits the growth of each student.

Melissa's classes can range from supportive and constructive beginners Hatha Yoga, to a more dynamic and adept Vinyasa practice (SoulNectar Flow). 

"I like to teach according to the students needs, and I really enjoy working with the long term goal of the Yoga journey with each student, and all of the initiations that come along the path, in a way that gives a reciprocal approach to the teacher student relationship"


Yogic Breath work, Pranayama; is a central aspect of Melissa's offering, focusing on the breath in each class and each posture. A range of pranayama exercises are taught to the students, which directly helps the nervous system to regulate and to bring the brain waves into a. ore synchronistic harmony and are a powerful tonic for one's overall state of being. 

Melissa has grown up in a family where learning the Yogic arts; Kriya Yoga/breathwork/mediation practice and philosophy, was part of her every day life. This has provided Melissa with a deep knowledgable Yogic experience, embedded into the fabric of her being, and years of practice and has a lot of wisdom in which to share. 
Melissa completed her 1000Hrs Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with The Australian Yoga Academy in 2011, and has been professionally teaching Yoga, meditation and tantric arts in the years since, mostly in Melbourne and the yarra valley, Australia, also in bali, Italy and USA.

Melissa has sought out and learned from the lineages of various Yoga and Tantric traditions and teachers including; Iyengar Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Satyananda Yoga, ParaTan Mantra and Nada yoga/Tantra, KaliMa Tantra, Rigpa/Mahayana/Vajrayana Buddhist teachings and meditation training. 

 "Yoga is a rite, a ceremony, a method, a sadhana. It is ancient, scientific, and time tested means to harmonize naturally occurring energies within the human framework so that they resonate with the more subtle underlying energies. It is a method of refining one's physical, emotional, mental and psychic forces so that individual awareness can penetrate the depths of ones true nature. Furthermore, it systematically sharpens the point of individual being within the collective whole." 

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