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Melissa Artemis Shemanna

Omniferous Fruits 


Original painting 2023

Oils, tempera on canvas (unstretched) 

W70 x H90cm

£ 1300



Omniferous Fruits is an experimental painting, that attempts to bring through a sense of morphic resonance with the viewer, to allow the organic forms to emerge. A cosmic fig yoni, morphing into the serpent like DNA spirals, echo the Orphic egg mysteries in surreal form! Water and shell like creatures emerge from the abyss, whilst strange exoskeletons with bone like structure assemble and disassemble to then pass through a toroidal membrane squirting out the substance of life… delve into your own exploration of this piece. Layers of oils and tempera create interesting lenses of colour, that are not completely evident on this digital photo representation, as it is with the original painting.

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