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Melissa Artemis


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'Art is the stored Honey of the Human Soul'

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Melissa Artemis Shemanna is an Australian artist & curator who seeded The Medicine Gallery in 2023, she is the founder of Australian based, The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation and Embassy; pollinator for the arts. With over two decades of experience in the field, her practice began with an early self & family-taught  discipline in painting and drawing, which evolved through many mentorships with local artists also artists from the lineage of Ernst Fuchs, a prominent figure in Vienna's visionary and surrealist arts scene. Shemanna's art is a profound exploration of the full spectrum of cosmic and Earthly and numinous consciousness, expressed through a synthesis of organic forms, heart based phi- technology, and hyper-color lenses, all presented with a visionary edge. She works primarily with oils and egg tempera, and often uses high chroma pure pigments, & earth ochres to push the boundaries of traditional mediums. In 2018, Shemanna founded The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation as a mycelium network to innovate multidimensional creativity in local and global communities. With a focus on festival arts production, arts festival gallery curation, and sacred arts ceremonies, she is committed to cultivating and empowering multidimensional creativity, both individually and collectively. Shemanna's work has been featured in permanent art collections in Australia, Bali, Hawaii, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, and the USA. She is currently on an international sojourn and art pilgrimage, bringing the last decade of her paintings to Europe and the UK 

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