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EVOLVE Gallery:
Rainbow Serpent Festival

From 2017 to 2020, I had the privilege of serving as the lead curator for the Evolve Gallery at the Rainbow Serpent Festival, Australia's preeminent transformational arts and music festival. This incredible experience has significantly influenced my professional journey as an arts curator.

As a young visionary artist, I was initially captivated by the visionary subculture, which delved into esoteric exploration and shared evolution of consciousness through artistic expressions. Over the years, I exhibited my works at the RSF Evolve Gallery alongside internationally acclaimed Visionary artists such as Alex and Allyson Grey, Luis Tamani, Autumn Skye, Amanda Sage, and Luke Brown.

After contributing my services as an artist and gallery worker for several years, I acquired substantial curatorial experience and transitioned into a managerial role in 2016, co-curating the gallery with Lisa Ariganello, the gallery's owner/manager. This role required me to manage international and local artists, curate artworks, organise international artworks, prints and merchandise, and create a pop-up gallery from scratch in a remote location, while navigating challenges such as Australian peak summer weather, lightning strikes, fires, and floods.

Between 2018 and 2020, I served as the lead curator. In this position, I managed the artists in all aspects, organised their artworks, oversaw the build and budget for the live painting area outside the gallery, and managed a merchandise team for the professional gallery shop.

Unfortunately, in January 2020, a bushfire on the festival site resulted in the cancellation of the event. Although it was later rescheduled for Easter, it was ultimately cancelled again due to the Covid pandemic.

Despite the challenges, I am grateful for the immersive experience of working with the Rainbow Serpent Festival and the Evolve Gallery. I eagerly anticipate where this journey will take me and when I will have the opportunity to come full circle back to the Rainbow Serpent Festival.

RSF: Evolve Photo Gallery

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