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Is an artist run initiative

 not for profit private arts foundation

Founded in 2018 as a humanitarian organisation

for the proliferation of visionary, mythopoetic,

esoteric & ritual arts & culture.

The Honeybee Temple Arts pollinator

offers diverse community events, projects & services 

that enhance the realms of reclaiming & documenting original art

as the sacred living myth

Arts & culture events, Art Gallery / Curatorial

Community art/ yoga, workshops & classes

Honeybee awareness & Totemic Bee medicine

Esoteric knowledge & practice

Ceremonial Rites of passage, community sacred ritual



the Honeybee totem


pollinating creativity, sacred reciprocity, natural law

super~organism , Inter~connectedness, Innovative skillful means

balance & harmony on earth, true abundance

heart-based sovereignty & wisdom 

visionary gnosis, mystical psychopomp

Colourful bees PNG.png

The launch of The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation 
'Pollinate Exhibition' 
@ Mycelium Studios, Melbourne 2018


Based in the UK, Melissa Artemis Shemanna is an Australian artist known for her esoteric and visionary paintings. She draws from a lineage of artistic mentors and has a lifelong devotion to the sacred arts & towards proliferating arts and culture. Her works, primarily in traditional oils and tempera, create visionary portals that explore profound themes. In 2018, she founded The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation, curating international gallery projects that promote these themes. Melissa has exhibited her art extensively in Australia, Europe, USA and the UK. Her paintings can be found in private collections across the world.

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Photo credit: Edica Pacha

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