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The Honeybee Temple Visionary ART Gallery
Babylon Festival

Melissa Artemis Shemanna: The Honeybee Temple Visionary Arts Gallery;

Project manager, creator and director, art / live performance curator .

Babylon Festival was launched in 2017, in Victoria Australia. The Honeybee Temple Arts Embassy and Foundation was given a budget to create a magnificent 12 meter dome gallery space to showcase 25 Australian visionary artists original paintings and high quality Giclee prints, live painting and performance each day & evening! We even offered special 3D diachromatic glasses for people to view the paintings in a whole new way! Much fun was had interacting with the live painting artists and just observing art making live in action!! We had an arts merchandise stall as part of the gallery, so that we could house artists original creations/ merchandise/ prints and clothing etc. i worked closely with the festival lifestyle village arts director, and also Babylon festival supplied my project with a dome builder, lighting/ power, planner & installer, a good security team for the gallery art 24/7, and a crew of willing volunteers to get the job done in the timeframe needed and good support for my project coming the fruition!  The gallery below shows the wonderful space we created with the smaller festival budget supplied. 

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