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Wombship Temple
Oregon Eclipse Festival

Melissa Artemis Shemanna: Design & build assistant and collaborative team member, Oregon Eclipse Festival.

I was very greatful to have been part of the land art team at Eclipse festival Oregon 2017, where I lived on the land for 5 weeks prior to the festival and participated in creating (from scratch) massive land art structures and earthen mandalas over the entire 3 kilometres of festival space. This included working with Nate (Dreamworks) making giant woven nests and archways covered in moss and other natural glory. I was brought onto the build team for a big project led by Flaiir, that was quite a complex 13 sided geometrical structure called The Wombship! This structure was needs to counter balance the huge masculine solar temple that was being erected to View the eclipse for thousands of people, we knew we needed a more feminine vessel to harness the eclipsial rays and codes together as community. It took our team about 3 weeks to get our project up and finished.. and we did this in very hot 43deg celcius summer weather with little shade and little resources, mostly just finding the materials on the acres of land, and using a tractor to pull them all back to the build site! We used what we could find and created an extraordinary Wombship Temple that offered a very special grounding energy for the event. A lot of this project was woman created & powered, including the architectural design, electricity, build team etc. It was amazing to be part of it! 

when the Wombship was completed just before the festival opened, we were blessed to receive a special offering of a Tibetan relic that was touring through the country, that being the Maitreiya Buddha that contained countless mantras and prayers for the future generation. This buddha sat on its throne and welcomed all who sat at its feet! 

We all enjoyed the Wombship Temple as our place to watch the eclipse happen as a tribe! 

Here are the images below;

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