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Please support this one woman organisation, by clicking on the Paypal Donation button (to the right). It will link you to The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation Paypal donation account. I am very greatful to receive donations for the artistic, original and innovative services that I commit to giving to the world in my unique way. The way this donation works, is that it goes to The Honeybee Temple Art Foundation and Embassy as a 'private donation'.This is a Non-commercial gift. It is a private exchange gift based on merit, that directly supports the foundation's goods and services.

The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation is operating wholly within the private sector, as a non profit, non government organisation (NGO). All donations go straight to the costs involved in the basic running of the Foundation, renumeration for goods and services provided, in order to successfully float this foundation and all it does internationally. Ie; Community Art Galleries, healing workshops, ritual ceremonies for healing the earth and people, Honeybee Activism and awareness etc. 

Please consider that your donation means a lot to me, and it will make a huge difference. Also consider speaking to me if you have a larger donation, to make sure that the funds are going directly to the project that you wish them to go. Please refer to my Projects page to see some of the innovative ways that The Honeybee Temple is cultivating nectar! I am currently on a European/UK art sabbatical, learning, making great connections, networking and mapping out new projects over here, so please donate now if possible, as it will support the journey after the past few years of lock downs and loosing ALL income as an artist, with no safety nets available. But art will always thrive! and true Artists will always find a way!! You will see the magic I create!!! Love and Big Thanks xox LissBliss

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