Melissa Artemis


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'Art is the stored Honey of the Human Soul'

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Melissa Artemis Shemanna is a visionary artist and seer, her paintings hold a deep interest in omni:cultural symbolism & the esoteric, particularly the Honeybee Totem. Both her painting and spiritual practice synonymously stem from traditional art forms that are uniquely metamorphosed into a nectar of sacred knowledge and shared gnosis. Melissa is initially a self-taught and family taught artist and spiritual practitioner, and has cultivated her technical painting skills, esoteric and magickal knowledge from an early age. She has also had mentorships with various teachers in both traditional painting techniques and various spiritual traditions over the years. 

"Shemanna’s paintings hold an evolutionary enquiry into the collective (un)consciousness and greater cosmic intelligence, rendering super worldly imagery of organic form, alive myth and ancient esoteric lore, with futuristic tech and hyper-colour lenses all with a distinctly visionary edge. Her mediums include oils & egg tempera, high chroma acrylics, pure pigment, natural ochre and graphite." 

Melissa is a curator & arts events project manager who founded The Honeybee Temple Arts Embassy Foundation in 2009.

She is also a full time Yoga & mediation teacher for Nectar of Life Yoga, The Healesville Yoga Studio and Kundalini House in Melbourne







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