Melissa Artemis Shemanna is an Australian visionary artist, arts curator, Yogini and lifelong student of the mysteries. Born in Sydney 1976 and raised in the south coast beaches in temperate rainforest. Melissa moved to Melbourne in 2000 to raise her two children in an off-grid intentional community in the beautiful Yarra Valley.

In January 2022 she left her Australian home to bring her paintings over to Europe and the UK on an international sojourn and art pilgrimage. 


Originally family & self-taught from an early age with an immense sense of dedication, with now 40 years experience in painting and drawing, Melissa's practice has been ever evolving with her creative and spiritual pathways always intertwining. Melissa has learned from painting mentors that spring from the lineage of Ernst Fuchs (Vienna Surrealist Arts), including Michael Fuchs, Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage, Wolfgang Widmosa, Maura Holden, Daniel Mirante and Bruno Torfs of the Marysville Sculpture Garden.


Shemanna’s paintings hold a deep enquiry into the human evolutionary phenomena of cosmic intelligence. Her paintings evoke an emotionally rich and saturated experience through sensitive colour palettes, luminosity and the surreal, morphed with super-worldly iMAGEry of organic form with a futuristic frontier & a powerful visionary edge.

In her body of work to date, Melissa explores a profound omni~culture of deep esoteric knowledge, mythic symbology, sacred texts and ancient indigenous lore, all of which she has been immersed within the practice and philosophies within her life as a dedicated path. All this is presented to the viewer through codes expressed in her paintings, for those with eyes to "see"

Melissa's use of old masters techniques is an ongoing ascent into the longing for mastery within the mediums of oil paints, hand-made pigments, egg tempera and local ochres/ earth pigments that are collected from the rural environment where she has lived.

In 2018, Shemanna founded The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation; which provides a structure for international community arts and esoteric projects. With Its  Honeybee totem it represents being an arts pollinator and a honeycomb hive for the cultivation and innovation for multi dimensional creativity, sovereignty and empowerment both individually and collectively on the planet.

Melissa's paintings can be found in permanent art collections in Australia, Romania, USA, Bali, Hawaii, Netherlands and Italy.