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As an artist, I am inspired by the evolution of human consciousness and the mysteries of life. My paintings are an exploration of the cosmic intelligence that surrounds us, and I use a range of mediums, including oils and egg tempera, to bring this vision to life.

My work is deeply influenced by esoteric knowledge, sacred texts, and ancient indigenous lore, all of which I have studied and integrated into my life as a dedicated path. Through my paintings, I aim to express this knowledge in a way that can be understood by those with eyes to "see", using codes and symbolism to convey deeper meanings.

I am committed to the pursuit of mastery within my chosen mediums and use old masters techniques to achieve the desired effect. This includes collecting local ochres and earth pigments from the rural environment where I live.

In 2018, I founded The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation, which acts as a mycelium network for innovating multi-dimensional creativity into local and global communities. As a festival arts gallery coordinator and curator, I have managed and curated pop-up arts festival galleries, produced festival arts events, and facilitated sacred arts ceremonies in various landmark places.

I hope that my art will inspire others to seek their own paths of creativity, sovereignty, and empowerment, both individually and collectively, and that it will act as a pollinator of community arts projects and esoteric knowledge.



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