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Is an not-for-profit 

private arts foundation

& community service

humanitarian organisation 


Established in Melbourne, Australia 2018

The Honeybee Temple Arts Embassy acknowledges that this land is the original habitat of all humankind, and that original custom and usage of all tribal lands remains suveran past, present & future, to the empirical dominant colonisation that 


It exists as a visionary 

arts pollinator of higher awareness,

with the purpose to

inspire & innovate

a new octave of consciousness

with an omni:cultural vision of existence,

through its portal of

the sacred arts,

universal love, knowledge & healing.

The Honeybee Temple Foundation

community services include; 

Arts & culture events

Curatorial Services/ Art Galleries

Community Yoga classes and workshops

Community Art workshops & classes

Honeybee Awareness & Medicine

Esoteric Knowledge Rites and Ceremonial Ritual

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